The day started with breakfast in bed. It is our family tradition to bring breakfast in bed on someone’s birthday and have some time to talk about the day they were born, and how much I love them! Amy LOVES breakfast in bed. Anna did Amy’s hair and makeup and picked out her “birthday outfit”.

When Amy got to school a bunch of her friends came running up to her yelling “Happy Birthday”. We met most of Amy’s friends at Pizza Ranch for supper. Then everyone came out to our farm to play an egg game. Kelly and Daniel made up clues and hid them in Easter eggs. The girls were broken up into four teams, no two teams had the same clue except for one: an egg was hidden in the mail box which is 1/2 mile from our house, and Amy was the designated driver to bring the teams down to the mailbox on the four wheeler. This was a perfect job for her because the game is timed and if Amy was on a team she would slow them down. Being the driver was perfect.

The rest of the guests arrived and they all got their suits on and went out to the pool and hot tub. A few brave souls jumped into the 40 degree pool, but most enjoyed the hot tub.

Amy opened her gifts. She got nail polish, make up, cute socks, a picture of her with her friend, a ball and some cash. She also got goldfish crackers, which is her favorite snack. After gifts the girls went on a scavenger hunt designed by Russ. They had to find various items throughout the house in 10 minutes. Whoever had the most items won. You really see a competitive side to these girls when they are playing a game. It was fun.

After cake and tons of snacks they all went out to the bonfire Daniel set up, until it was time to go. When I got into bed that night I was exhausted and overwhelmed with joy. We try hard to make Amy’s party a fun one because we always want her friends to remember it as a great time. Knowing the character of her friends, they would come even if it was a dud, but we want them to enjoy Amy and each other at her party. It was a great day and I felt like the luckiest mom in the world!