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Amy is a Survivor!

Amy is a survivor! The other night she marched at Relay For Life with others who are fighting or have fought cancer. She had her last chemo treatment 22 years ago! I am so thankful she is healthy and thriving. Our theme song is still the same all these years later “There is hope for the hopeless, there is no need to fear. When all seems lost Jesus is here.” 

Amy, Blog, Down Syndrome, Most Recent Posts

Polar Plunge!

Amy was at the Polar Plunge yesterday with all the Litchfield students who raised $20,000.00 for Special Olympics!  Amy and I plunged once & that was enough for us. There is an option when you donate “too chicken to plunge” and that is what Amy chose this year. Yesterday morning when one of her friends asked her if was she was going to plunge she answered “no, throw a chicken” oh how I love her!