We have a new look and updates for our Chosen For This Gift Website. I started this blog and wrote the book to hopefully inspire others who are trying to do life. Whether you are married or single, have children with special needs or not, I hope my posts help you to live life a little easier. Soon after the book was finished Amy got really sick. All of my energy went into trying to figure out what was wrong with her and how to help her. Things have settled down a bit now so I hope to keep up with the blog and post different stories of my life experiences and how I handle what life throws at me.

Lyme’s disease is a real battle. As I have written in other posts Amy was on IV antibiotics to bring Lyme disease under control. Once under control, I was able to look at alternative options for her. She started on Vital Life supplements and she takes Clariton. She is also on several other supplements that we put into a shake for her. After one year she was thriving. I decided to try and wean her off the Clariton and some of the supplements in the shake. After one month she spiraled down. She has begun to have what we call “Episodes” where she has what looks like a mini-seizure. Of course I am kicking myself for trying to tweak her protocol. We have put her back on all the supplements and also using a daily homeopathic remedy. Amy had become independent again where she can take her own shower and dry her hair with the blow dryer. Last week she must have had a seizure while she was drying her hair and kept the dryer on her face. She got burnt pretty bad. When she came down stairs with a red burnt face I cried. What is happening? We contacted her doctor and sent a video of one of Amy’s seizures. We will be going to Mayo Clinic to try and figure out what is going on.

What are the options now? Take the thoughts of fear and helplessness? I typically do get gripped with fear first. Then I remember the scriptures that have carried me through life so far and cry out to God. Give us wisdom. Show us what to do. Heal Amy. Show us truth and give us understanding and knowledge. Bring the right doctors and care givers to us so we know how to help Amy. God, BE WITH US. HEAL AMY. This is a real fight and I need God to equip me to be a warrior. I trust Him. As hard as it is, I trust Him. What other options are there? Oh the peace and reassurance I feel when I lay this burden at His feet and surrender. As I surrender I also feel His presents as He enables me to do all I know to do….and stand strong.