There are moments in our life that we step back and reflect on what has brought us to that place and time. Last Monday night when our daughter, Amy Felt, was crowned Homecoming Queen at Litchfield High School was one of those moments for us.
"Litchfield High School Homecoming Parade 2014"

Amy has Down syndrome. When she was born, the literature written about Down syndrome was so negative. Based on what we read and what we were told and how some people responded to us, we questioned if Amy would have any friends and what her life would be like. We wanted the same things for her as our other five children. We wanted her to grow to be happy and successful.

It isn’t the “queen” thing that makes us so happy. It is the principle behind it. Having Amy nominated showed us once again the character of her classmates and the student body of Litchfield High. Amy’s friends were not afraid to open their hearts and love someone who is different than they are. Through the years they have been there for her, guiding her and helping her fit in a society that is not always easy to fit into. These kids have been patient and took the time to get to know who Amy is. When she was little we tried to educate her classmates and their parents about Down syndrome. We encouraged them to treat Amy like everyone else. Because they focused on Amy’s ability instead of her disabilities, our dream has come true. Amy is happy and successful.

Amy loves to dance and play the drums with no inhibitions. She brings music into our lives. She is free spirited and loves unconditionally. Love is the most powerful force on earth and we have experienced its truth through Amy and all the amazing people that are a part of her life.

We have had highs and lows in raising Amy. Through the years tears have been shed. We have had to fight for her. Yet, we have had to do similar things for our other children. What sets Amy apart is her peers. We want to say a very special thank you to all of Amy’s friends, classmates, teachers, coaches, mentors and the entire student body. There are also many people in the community that go out of their way to help us. Thank you for loving and sharing your life with Amy and with us. We are blessed.

Russ & Barb Felt