Chosen for this Gift


Chosen for This Gift is Barb’s story of hope, survival and raising a child with special needs. Barb Felt (owner of Rolling Oaks Goldens) lives on a 200 acre farm in mid-Minnesota with her husband, Russ. They have been married for thirty-nine years, have six children and ten grandchildren.





There were times in the hospital when Amy was sleeping that I would go to the window and look out at the city of Minneapolis…I could see all the people busy, moving about and I would think, ‘What’s it all for?’ I was mad at God. I was tired of fighting. Tired of hospitals and tubes and bad reports.

Death had already taken my son and was trying to take my daughter. I wanted to quit. But God never let me hit rock bottom. Even when I felt I was there. We all face tragedy in our lives. My goal is that as you read my story, you will find hope in facing the trials in your life and turn what seems like tragedy into triumph.


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