It is the last day of October already! Amy’s 10 grade year seems to be going well. I went to school yesterday to shadow Amy. I explained to the staff that it isn’t because I question whether they are doing a good job or not. I go for my own peace of mind. Amy doesn’t communicate to me what her day is like. It is good for me to see her schedule. She is very independent in school. She knows her schedule and where to go next.

First hour is band, in which she sits in the back and waits till the entire band starts to play, then she joins in on the drum. She follows the beat, playing by ear. She has two mentors that will text me and let me know special announcements for band. Amy then has some one on one time with her para, telling time and making change with money. Then she goes to phy ed and yesterday they played volley ball. Amy’s locker has a key that she wears around her neck, as it opens her gym locker and regular locker. It is easier than trying to open a lock with a combination. After gym she has a study hall time, in which she listens to a book on tape. Then the best part of the day, lunch! I try and pack a cold lunch for Amy because we are always trying to watch how many carbs and calories she eats. After lunch she brushes her teeth because she has braces. Then she has a learning time with other kids who have special needs. They focus on answering questions in full sentences, things like that. Then I had to leave to come home and take care of puppies, so I am going back today to finish the day with Amy! I really enjoy seeing how others interact with her and what she does every day at school.